Annette Lujan Found and Followed Dr. J from Mt. View to San Jose

Annette Lujan is one of our most understanding and kind patient. She was actually a patient of Dr. J back in the early 2001/2002 time when Dr. J was an Associate Dentist in Mt. View, California. When Annette found Dr. J here in Evergreen San Jose, she’s been a great person to work with and care for since Evergreen Dentists open it’s doors – Annette’s family come to Evergreen Dentists know that they’ll be cared for in the most positive and professional of fashions. We’d like to thank Annette and her whole family for their trust and support throughout the years. Read and view her impressions and insight about Evergreen Dentists. And, you can view more patient reviews by clicking here to read and view other patient reviews of our office.

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