Our Staff

Lydia Avila, Office Manager

Ms.Lydia has been with us for many years and wears many hats at Evergreen Dentists. Not only is she a dental assistant—helping the doctors chairside with dental procedures, taking X-rays, and sterilization-- she has proved to be an invaluable front office administrator. If you have questions about your dental insurance and financial billing, she is the person you want to talk to.  Ms. Lydia is knowledgeable in dental insurance benefits and helps you get the most benefit from your insurance.

Ms. Lydia works with you to schedule your dental appointments at a time that is convenient for you, with the least disruption in your schedule. You can contact us via phone, text, or email to schedule your appointment.

Lydia is passionate about helping patients achieve the healthiest smile possible in a minimum stress environment.

The multitalented Ms. Avila is also a statistical anomaly: she has two sets of fraternal twins at home, whom she loves to be with when she’s not with us. When you have a chance, Lydia likes to share baking recipes, exchange hiking trail stories, and discuss local events.

Nikki Avila, Front Office

Passionate and humorous, Nikki Avila is all about making people smile and laugh. Nikki understands the importance of a relaxing, calm, and familial environment, especially when it comes to kids for their first visit. All the fear and anxiety of going to the dentist is practically gone and most patients look forward to their next visit. In her spare time Nikki enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family and although she may not appear to like country music, she is quite the fan.

Leslie Palomera, DA

A San Jose native, Leslie Palomera completed high school and currently attends college here in the Bay Area majoring in microbiology. Leslie is driven and completing course to further her career in dental related fields. Her philosophy is simple: seeing her colleagues and patients laugh while in the office. When not working or at school, she is always in search of new shows to watch, playing soccer and enjoys reading.

Cynthia Del Parto, RDA

With nearly 30 years of experience Cynthia Del Parto has been helping patients feel comfortable when seated in the back office. Cynthia has taken on many roles throughout her dental assistant career including both back office assisting as well as front office administration. Cynthia enjoys walking her dog while catching the latest Pokemon in the popular Pokemon GO game. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, taking pictures of their latest adventures!