Michelle Perez, Office Manager
Ms. Perez has been with the dental office for nearly a decade and is currently the office manager. She brings her extensive experience in customer service, collections, insurance coordination, and management skills to make this office function efficiently. She is in charge of the daily operations of the practice and basically makes sure that all of you (our patients) are serviced to the level of dental excellence that is synonymous with Evergreen Dentists. She lives in San Jose with her husband and five kids.


Lyda Ramirez, Registered Dental Assistant
Ms. Ramirez has been with the dental office from the beginning since they opened their doors. She has been instrumental in the start-up and day-to-day operations chair side to make sure you (our patients) feel comfortable. Ms. Ramirez is a Registered Dental Assistant which requires extensive coursework and continuing education in the dental field. Ms. Ramirez is tasked with making sure the doctors stay on time, that the instruments are sterile, and the office is organized. She is married with one college-bound son.

Gidget “Gigi” Ramos, Dental Assistant
Ms. Ramos has been assisting doctors for over ten years and offers great operational efficiencies for the doctors so you (our patients) don’t have to wait. She has experience in chair side assistance and manages the inventory of dental supplies in the office. She tag teams with many of our office staff and is engaged in a wide variety of duties. Ms. Ramos is a Registered Dental Assistant which requires extensive coursework and continuing education in the dental field, and in her spare time she spends it with her two sons.

Lydia Avila, Patient Care Coordinator
Ms. Avila has been at the office for years. She assists our office manager and business analyst sort through the jungle of paperwork that our office deals with on a day-to-day basis so “you” don’t have to. In addition to the hectic demands of the front office, she also doubles as a dental assistant, helping our doctors service you (our patients). Interesting factoid about Ms. Avila is she has a total of four kids – two sets of fraternal twins.

Tom Souvannavong, Claims Analyst
Mr. Souvannavong typically goes unnoticed in the office, but his role is pretty crucial. He is in charge of balancing all ledger accounts outstanding and making sure our electronic records are up-to-date. He also assists our office manager and business analyst with various projects in the office that need to get done. Mr. Souvannavong is our go-to-guy for everything administrative, operational, and prescriptive. He currently lives in San Jose where you can find him playing with his rock band in downtown San Jose. And in his spare time he enjoys it with his baby sister and close friends.